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Epson’s EcoTank printers are flying off the shelves – get one while you can!


These days with many of us working from home or helping our kids with homework, it’s important to have the right printer.

The Epson EcoTank is a new type of printer that doesn’t use cartridges. This means you can stop buying expensive ink cartridges and save yourself from the frustration of having to replace an ink cartridge ever again.

Epson EcoTank printers have supersized, easy-to-fill ink tanks and come with a RIDICULOUS amount of ink. Waiting for an online order or having to rush to the store in order to replace an ink cartridge in between print jobs is a thing of the past.

Why EcoTank printers are the smart choice

You’ve tried rationing your ink or avoiding printing important documents to save yourself from replacing ink cartridges. With the Epson EcoTank, you don’t have to worry about running out of ink — so start printing in color, all you want. Go ahead and print all of your work reports, task lists and your kids’ homework assignments. These printers can handle it all.

With models to fit whatever your printing needs are, each makes it more economical than replacing entire cartridges. Instead, you just refill them with inexpensive ink bottles. What does that mean?

  • With up to two years worth of ink (the equivalent of about 30 cartridge ink sets) in the box, you will save plenty of money just by taking an EcoTank printer home.
  • When you do need to buy more, you will save up to 80% on ink with low-cost replacement bottles.
  • Ink will not be wasted, as it comes out of uniquely keyed auto-stop bottles and goes into super-sized tanks.

If you haven’t made the switch yet, now’s the time. But hurry, because EcoTank is changing the way people print, and it’s flying off the shelves.

Add EcoTank to your online shopping list so you can just fill and chill. Epson EcoTank printers, available at Best Buy, Office Depot, Staples and

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