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My secret for a healthy heart and more energy (I take two every day!)


If you’ve listened to my show for a while, you know how important staying healthy is to me. I exercise, I eat well and I take supplements I trust.

There’s one I’ve been taking every day for almost two years: SuperBeets. I just love them. You get all the fabulous healthy heart benefits of eating beets without the hassle of juicing. I used to make beet juice and it was a lot of work. Now, I just eat two SuperBeets Heart Chews. They’re easy and taste like candy.

I like them so much I wanted to score a good deal for you, too. That’s why I partnered with SuperBeets. Right now, you can use my link to get a bag free when you buy two. It’s a great deal you won’t find anywhere else. Keep reading to see why I recommend these little chews to everyone I know.

If you care about your health, you should know about these

Let’s start with the basics. What are SuperBeets Heart Chews? They combine non-GMO beets, like the ones I spent way too much time juicing, with a powerful new ingredient: grapeseed extract.

And these aren’t just any grapes we’re talking about. They come from the Loire Valley in France, which is famous for its vineyards that produce Chardonnay. Grapes from this region have high concentrations of potent antioxidants. Of course, antioxidants help to neutralize harmful compounds in the body that damage your cells.

The grapeseed extract used in SuperBeets Chews has been clinically shown to be two times as effective at supporting normal blood pressure as a healthy lifestyle alone. Think about that. Even those of us who work hard to stay healthy can see big benefits.

Better blood pressure means more energy — without the jittery caffeine or stimulants.

Most importantly: They work well and they taste good

I keep a bag of SuperBeets Chews on my desk and every morning, I eat two. I exercise every single day and having enough energy is important but so is stamina. I really believe that SuperBeets Chews are a big reason I have a ton of both.

These chews are great because they give you the antioxidants you need in a delicious package. Even if you’re not a fan of beets, you’ll love the taste.

Not only do they use grapeseed extract, but they’re also made with pomegranate and berry flavors. All-natural, of course. No artificial flavors or colors here.

Turn these into an everyday treat. They’re tasty and sweet, plus they help your heart. What’s not to love? I feel like I’m eating candy every day.

It’s an easy way to stay healthy

If you’re like me, you’re always trying to stay in top shape. When you’re constantly on the go, it can be easy to let your health slip. While exercise is important for a healthy lifestyle, supplements can go a long way too.

Most pills have a dusty or chalky taste. Let’s face it — they’re gross.

SuperBeets Chews are changing the game. They’re good for you, they’re easy to take and they’re delicious. Who knew staying healthy could taste so sweet?

Do what I did and support your heart health with delicious SuperBeets Chews! Get your SuperBeets Chews today at When you buy two bags, they’ll throw in the third for free!

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