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Print a lot? Save up to 90% per page with this printer


Does your printer have enough ink for another year of work reports and tax forms? If you print a lot or wish you could print a lot without worrying about ink, it’s important to have the right printer.

Epson is changing the game with its cartridge-free EcoTank printers. They have supersized easy-to-fill ink tanks and come with a ridiculous amount of ink, enough to print thousands of pages. That means you can stop playing the game of “OK, do I really need to print this?”

If you print a lot, you’ll save a lot.

  • Save up to 90% on ink: You’ll pay about 1 cent per color ISO page versus about 20 cents with cartridges.
  • Get up to 2 years of ink: Replacement ink sets include enough ink to print up to 7,500 pages black/6,000 pages color.
  • Less waste with Cartridge-Free Printing: One set of replacement bottles is equivalent to about 80 individual cartridges.
  • Experience innovative hands-free printing: Save time, too, with voice-activated printing.

With the Epson EcoTank, you don’t have to worry about running out of ink. Print all your business documents, reports, tax forms and tasks lists.

Make the switch today. Add EcoTank to your online shopping list, available at Best Buy, Office Depot, Staples and at

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