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Turn nostalgic old photos of family into lifelike videos


There’s little life in old photos. When you’re browsing through the family history books and see pictures of long-gone family members, it can be difficult to remember what they looked like when they were alive. Luckily, a company named MyHeritage is infusing new life into old pictures.

Its new service called Deep Nostalgia animates the faces of folks in old photos, creating short videos that look like they’re posing before the camera shutter’s click. The automatic, AI-generated videos look like Apple’s Live Photos feature, which shows several seconds of video before and after the snapshot. Tap or click here for the best features on your iPhone you may not know about.

But Deep Nostalgia is unique compared to any other AI feature we’ve seen. It’s specifically designed to bring old shots to life — even though these photos came long before the modern smartphone. Here’s how it works.

Kim tried this out and it works like a charm

On MyHeritage’s website, you can make high-quality, realistic videos in a snap. When you upload a photo, it goes through Deep Nostalgia’s drivers, which apply a set sequence of gestures. Then, the tool applies those movements to your photo, which lets you see your ancestors smile, blink and move around.

Although the videos can look a bit robotic, they also give you a new perspective on people we’ve lost to the sands of time. Since so many historical photos are small and blurry, Deep Nostalgia enhances the photos and sharpens their faces. This means that even if you upload a messy picture, you can get crystal clear results.

When Kim heard about this tool, she had to try it for herself. She ran an old picture of her dad through the algorithm. Here are the results.

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