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How to Fix Whatsapp Banned 2020? Remove Whatsapp Banned (Solved)

Fix Whatsapp Banned problem | Hey are you getting a notification from Whatsapp that shows the word like ‘You’re temporarily banned from Whatsapp because you may have violated our terms of service. You’ll be able to use Whatsapp again in 10-12 hours later’ if yes then Whatsapp will banned you for temporarily but if you don’t fix it or Remove Whatsapp banned Problem from then it will banned you permanently.

It’s sad but Whatsapp banned me, that’s why I find a solution to remove the banned. If you are also searching on internet about solution then you are in right place. Here in this post we sharing with you a Trick to Fix Whatsapp Banned problem with easy and working solution. So read the below full article and all the steps to get your account back.

Fix Whatsapp Banned problem – Solved

Nowdays after the new update Whatsapp is getting very strict with the user and they banned many account for violated their Terms of service. These is happening not only in India and also outside the world. Whatsapp have millions of active users and everyday so many spams are spreading through it, so whatsapp is taking some action to those users who are not following their Terms of service and violated it regularly.

After the Temporary banned, Whatsapp will banned your account permanently, if you are not follow the terms after warning. You will get a Message from Whatsapp like “Your phone number is banned from using WhatsApp. Contact support for help”, if whatsapp will banned you permanently. But don’t worry, here we are comes with the solution to Active banned Whatsapp number that you unbanned your acccount and you will it again.

Why Whatsapp Banned your Number/Account ?

  • Sending bulk messages to unlisted contacts
  • Sharing website URLs and ad links for multiple times a day
  • Creating porn & adult-related groups and broadcasts
  • Blocking your WhatsApp number by many people
  • By uploading content status which is abusive or it may contain adult things.
  • Using Whatsapp MOD Apk like GBWhatsapp, YoWhatsapp etc.

Whatsapp banning number for many reasons which are done by users. You must use Whatsapp following Whatapp Terms of Service provided by WA, you can full Terms by Clicking here. First time whatsapp will banned you for some hours temporarily, So people are also search for ‘WhatsApp banned my number for 72 hours’, after that the account will be recovered automatically, So don’t worry.

How to Remove Whatsapp banned Problem 2020?

Whatsapp banned for Temporarily or permanently, it will remove for sure, so you don’t have to worry for it. Just don;t violate the Whatsapp terms after getting your account back. Below we are providing you some working steps, you just complete all steps and unbanned Whatsapp number quickly.

1. First of all, Uninstall the Whatsapp app from your Mobile

2. Now Re-install it with updating version

3. Now Enter your Mobile number and it will show pop-up screen

4. Click on ‘Support’ option

5. A Contact form will appear, Now write your problem and add attachment on it

“Don’t forget add your Mobile number”

Remove Whatsapp Banned

6. Now Click on ‘Next’ to next page

7.  Now select ‘This does not answer my problem’ and it will show you to contact through email

8. Now Send email with all the details to 

That’s it! Within 48 to 72 hours whatsapp contact you and give your account back. All above steps are working very fine and you will get your account back with 24 hours of submission complain.

Still your Whatsapp banned or not romoving the banned ?

After doing all the above steps, If whatsapp is continuously banning you then your account maybe banned for permanently and you will not able to unbanned it for sure. Whatsapp had banned many accounts permanently and not removing the banned from those account because they may be continuously violated and not following their Terms of services.

Remove Banned using Whatsapp Anti-banned APKs

Here is 2nd trick to use Whatsapp again after banned your number. Now you can use Whatsapp mod APKs which have all the features of Whatsapp and aslo you will get some additional extra feature that can help you to chat, groups and stories. In internet you will many Whatsapp alternative or Whatsapp anti-banned apps but we are suggested you to use Gb Whatsapp APK, YoWhartsapp Apk for best experience of Mods apk. Also there is many mods apk availble you can other’s too.


Everyday million’s of users are using whatsapp. Some are using for fun, chatting, groups etc and some are to spamming, spreading fake news, videos etc, that’s why Whatsapp is going so strict and banning accounts. But some time Whatsapp banned many users for any simple reason and they give back account. So you don’t have to worry if not violed Whatsapp TOS.

In above we are shared a full details about Whatsapp Bannned solved issue and Hope you all guys able to remove and active Whatsapp banned number. So if you find this post helpful and it’s work for it then please share this with your friends, family and help them. Also give your feedback or if you getting any problem regarding this then feel free to comment below, we will happy to hear from you and help you.

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