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How to get Free Crate Coupons in PUBG mobile? Unlimted

Get Free Crate Coupons in PUBG mobile | Hey all the Game lover and PUBG Gamer, we are back an another Trick. Now in this post we are sharing with How you Get Unlimited Crate Coupons Free in PUBG Mobile. In this trick you get PUBG Premium, Classic, and other crate coupons absolutely Free. So read the full post & follow below given instruction.

Playersunknown’s Battle ground (PUBG) is most popular game in India. In PUBG there are many crate available. By opening this Crate you can get Free Guns skins, permanents outfits, Car, pursuits and other items screen. PUBG is offering some promotional offers and you can get free coupons participant’s it those offers.

How to get Free Crate Coupons in PUBG mobile

How to get Free Crate Coupons in PUBG mobile ?

There are several way to get unlimited PUBG Crate Coupons for Free and also you can open crate with UC. below we are sharing some of the possible way to get coupons. The Crates are very useful to get new items and exiting and awesome skins, outfits and special gifts. So read the full post & follow instruction.

#1 By completing task in Events 

In event section, PUBG is always added some task and if you complete those task you will get Free crate coupons.

free crate coupons events

Here is like above added picture, If you finish 2 match top 1 you will get 1 Free Premium crate coupons Free. You just to play the won 1 game in a day to get this coupons

So now open PUBG Game and Click on Event option

Now look for the Task given to you

Complete the task and Get Free Crate Couposns

That’s it!

#2 By completing Achievements Tasks

In Achievements section, PUBG has added some tasks, So you need to complete task by playing PUBG mobile. Whenever you complete a task you will get some Achievements points. The achievements points will give you free crate. See below added picture

Achievements Tasks Crate

  • Reach 500 Achievements Points : 2 Coupons
  • Reach 800 Achievements Points : 3 Coupons
  • Reach 1200 Achievements Points : 4 Coupons

Now you just need to see your Achievements  task and complete it and earn the Points to Redeem points as PUBG Free Crate coupons.


#3 By Combining Coupons Scraps

In Pubg mobile you will get Coupon Scraps by competing tasks and if you combine 10 scarps you will get free crate coupons.

PUBG Scrap coupons

So like above image, you just need to collect coupon scraps and whenever you combine 10 scrap you will get a Free coupon. i.e if you combine premium scrap, you will Premium crate coupon and that if you combine classic or Pubg scraps you will get respectively that coupons.

PUBG Crate Coupons

You will get Free crate scrap in Events option by completing tasks and also you can buy it from shop section in PUBG.

#4 By Using UC

Look this step is not Free, so if you want to skip it then you can do so. We are adding with section to just inform you an another way to open Crate.

You can open unlimited crate by spending UC. For this trick you need to have UC’s in your PUBG mobile account and colloect Free UC’s.

To add to UC, you need to spend real money on it. So if you add 600 UC in Pubg you have to Rs 800 real cash from your bank account. So if have money then open crate by using UC otherwise skip this sections.

We will add more useful way to get Free PUBG Crate coupons, So stay tuned with us by liking our Facebook Page.


Here we have discuss all the possible way to get crate coupons, after reading this article now you might able to collect 2-3 coupons for sure. Above mentioned all the process are personally tried by me and it’s works for me and I avail to get some crate coupons Free, so now you will also able to get those coupons easily. By opening crate you will get awesome, cool outfits, Guns skins and other items for Free.

Hope you guys like this article and find it helpful, if yes then please share this post with your PUBG squads, friends that they can also know ways to get coupons and also if you have any query or facing any problem then feel free to Comment below, we will loved to help you.

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