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PUBG BigFoot Apk Download latest Version Android/IOS 2021

PUBG BigFoot Apk Download | It’s not easy to find Bigfoot App for PUBG Mobile download link in the internet. you need to search for Bigfoot App PUBG game assistant App and then you will get the actual result to download it for your Android device. This BigFoot App is very useful in PUBG mobile for get best loots of KAR98, 8X scopes, Laval 3 armors and guns. It shows the exact loot location where you can find this loot easily.

Everyone is crazy about the PUBG mobile game and loved to play the game on multiplayer battle ground. In game it’s very hard to find best loot for you. You need to loot a complete city then you will get decent loot for the game. But If you use Bigfoot App in your game then it will show you the best place where you can find laval 3 armor, ammo, guns and many more items easily. That’s why it’s very helpful for PUBG mobile players.

PUBG BigFoot Apk Download

PUBG BigFoot Apk Download

BigFoot App will provide you batter in-game experience when you use this app, PUBG mobile is very popular in android mobile phones and so that the Big Foot App is available in Android only. You just need to launch the game from Bigfoot, and the AI-supported virtual assistant will provide the timely in-game guide. For the new player who recently just started playing the game and don’t know which is the best loot location. This App will help those newbie users for sure.

Details App Info
App Name BigFoot App
App Size 41 MB
Total Install 50,000+
Offered By Oz Group

Download BigFoot App PUBG Latest Version

The Bigfoot PUBG App has official launched for android by Oz Group and it’s available in Google Playstore. You can download the App for Free. In below we will provide a link to Download PUBG Bigfoot App for free.

Download PUBG BigFoot APK


  • After Download the App, Install it
  • Now open the App and Setup to PUBG mobile
  • Open PUBG Mobile and when you are on the plane, it will show you where the guns will be.
  • If you want to know the location of flare guns, you will have to share this app with your friends first and only then the option of flare guns will unlock.
  • That’s it! Now Enjoy & Loot

Important Note: Sooner or later Pubg will track the users using this app and it will ban your account. So, It’s better to use this App on any guest account.

The Following in-game assistant services provided by Bigfoot:

Resource Map 

Gamers who land on the spot scattered with more spoils have a better chance to survive in“Battle Royale” mobile games. Like the resource maps offered by the third-party websites, you will see a loot guide showing where to scoop up high quantities of best spoils whenever you open a map. The loot marker enables you to know the loot layouts and not to die too early.

Popular Decks

When you are running the game of Clash Royal, we will provide you guys many of card- combination strategies according to your Arena Level and we will recommend suitable cards for you as well. By using this App, we will offer you detail information in terms of a card- combination strategies and cards layout strategies to undermine the others. Also, our video guide is available for each set of cards.

Security Check

Bigfoot monitors whether the player is in a safe gaming environment. When discovering cheating software which is installed accidentally, the user will be warned about the risks to avoid their account from being banned.


For those who played PUBG a lot will loved this App. In every squad you have at least one dumb friends, who don’t know how loot faster and get the best loot. So ask him/her to install the BigFoot PUBG Apk and use it while playing the game with your squad. It will help the player and your squads to find the best loot location easily. So now Download & Install Bigfoot App for PUBG mobile and enjoy.

Hope you guys find it helpful and liked this post, if yes then please share this post with your friends, squad and family. If you facing any issue and have a query then Feel free to Comment below, we loved to help you.

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