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Trick to Get an another ID Rename Card in PUBG Mobile

Trick to Get an another ID Rename Card in PUBG Mobile |  Hello PUBG lovers, do you want a Rename card to change your in-game name in PUBG mobile. Then you are in right place, in this post we are sharing with a 100% working Trick to get Free Rename card in PUBG mobile. We have already written an article about How to change ID name without Rename Card, so checkout the post, if you want to.

We all know that, whenever you want to change your PUBG in-game name, you need to have and use a rename card. To get a Id card you need buy it from Shop and it will be cost you 180UC, which is very costly for all of us. That’s why now in below we added a simple and legal way to get Free Rename card. In this tricks you just need to follow some instruction which takes up to 5 mins and after that you can avail change name for Free. PUBG Free Rename card Tricks, Free PUBG Rename card trick

Trick to Get an another ID Rename Card in PUBG Mobile

Trick to Get an another ID Rename Card in PUBG Mobile

Whenever we install PUBG mobile first in our Android/IOS phone and start the game for First time. It will ask you to set a In-game name for the game and we just put name as our name, nickname or other number or somethings. But now since we have played the game for so long, like 1 year for sure. Now you see that your in-game name is not stylish, cool or Pro, and all your friends, squads members PUBG name are cool, stylish. That’s why now you have to change the name and create a new in-game id name which suitable to you and your clan.

Now-days it’s become a trends to change id name from your real name to a cool, stylish nick name to become bad-ass pro players. It’s also makes you popular in friends. Also whenever you join a new clan, the Clan leader will ask you to change your id name to a specific name (where clan name must be include). It’s help you and others to specify player and make an clan strong.

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How to Get a Rename Card in PUBG Mobile for Free ?

In below we will share with some steps which verify by us and 100% working tricks. If you follow our given instruction then it will take only 5 Mins to get another Rename card. So give a try now.

1. First of all, Open and Run the PUBG mobile game

2. Go to Progress mission tab in game

3. Here you will see your game level and You might be above 40-50 level

4. Now just scroll left and Go to level 9 & 10

Get a PUBG Rename card


5. Here you will see a incomplete task of ‘Enter a Chatroom’ and in level 10 Reward of a Rename card

Now you need to complete level 9 task to get complete level 10 task

Steps to Complete PUBG level 9 Task ‘Enter a Chatroom’

1. Just Click on Go and it will be redirect you to a chat room.

2. Now you will get to see a chat room search option

3. Enter in search bar Room ID: 13710260 and Password: 12345

Get a PUBG Rename card 2

4. Now you will joined a Chatroom named with ‘

5. In Chatroom, Just type Hi or anything and send a chat here

6. Once you send the message, Restart Your Game or

7. Now again visit your Progress Mission and Collect the Mission No. 9 and 10

Get a PUBG Rename card

8. In Mission 10 You will get 200 BP and 1 Rename Card

Get rename card PUBG

9. That’s it! Congrats! You have got a free Rename Card, now use it to change your name again.


Here in above we have discuss about a Trick, which many peoples already known and already collect the reward for sure. But those peoples who don’t know about this reward then it help them to get an another Free rename name. We have shared here some simple steps with image which can help you complete the task easily. Now after collecting reward of a ID card, use the card to change in-game PUBG id name and rename it to a new stylish cool name and also suitable to your clan names. This days all PUBG pro players are using nick names to make their cooler.

Now you can do so for free. If you want an another rename card then you have to buy it from PUBG shop section worth 180 UC. You have to spend 180 Uc or 240 Rs in real money to get another id card. But don’t worry we will back with an another tricks soon. That’s stay tuned with us by liking our Facebook page. If you liked it and find it helpful then share this post with your PUBG gang, friends, family and also if you have any query then Feel free to comment below.

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