Mastering the Django admin dashboard Download

Learn how to use, customize and supercharge the Django admin to your advantage

What you’ll learn
  • Mastering the admin functionality
  • Managing user accounts and permissions
  • How to secure the admin dashboard
  • Using rich text editors
  • Displaying maps
  • CSV and Excel imports and exports
  • How to optimise the admin dashboard
  • How to customise the look and feel of the admin
  • Basic knowledge of the Django web framework

One of the most powerful components of Django is the automatic admin interface. It provides a quick, database centric interface that authenticated users can use to manage content on a Django site.

However, the Django admin exposes an API which is unique and quite different from all the other components that ship with Django, such as the auth app. This makes it difficult for Django developers to take full advantage of the admin dashboard.

This course, exclusively on the Django admin, aims at solving that. It will arm the student with expert knowledge on how to master, supercharge and be productive with the Django admin.

Who this course is for:
  • Django developers who want to master the Django admin dashboard
Mastering the Django admin dashboard Download

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