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Ryan Stewart SEO Course on Link Building

This course is broken up into 6 modules.

Module 1 – basic training videos for someone brand new to link building & SEO
Module 2 – how to assemble your link building team, hire overseas VA for cheaper cost, hint: you need content writers & guest post opportunity researchers
Module 3 – using Google drive, you’re going to build the project plan, what kind of keywords you need to go after & evaluating the website’s current link profile
Module 4 – setting up a new email account for link outreach and creating canned responses that’ll be used to ask for guest posting opportunities
Module 5 – Going over all the different types of links you can go out and get, and each opportunity has its own process. This is the meat & potatoes of the course
Module 6 – wrap up everything you talked about in the course, bird’s eye view of the entire system & process.

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